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Are You Stuck, Anxious, Feeling Reactive, or Just Overwhelmed?

Have you been repeating the same old bad habits for years, but no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to stop getting into bad relationships, or experiencing anxiety or depression...

Do emotional triggers or traumatic memories send you into a tail spin? Do you wonder why you keep repeating the same old patterns when you KNOW it hurts you?

Often you may feel like you’re out of you want to stop and take hold of your life, but you don’t even know where to start because you are overly sensitive.

What’s at stake if you do nothing? You know nothing will change and you'll just allow your fears to dictate the rest of your life. You know you'll never be able to be fully present because that cold old fear is constantly in the back of your mind.

Do something about it and schedule a FREE consultation with me! Start on your new life now.

Rochelle L. Cook MA CHt.

Medical Hypnosis Helps You Break Free for Good 

Most unhealthy habits and limiting beliefs stem from a traumatic past. At some point, we internalize the trauma or negative experience. This often leads to anxiety, insomnia, and engagement in toxic relationships, binge eating, and many other types of addictions! Your life then becomes full of negativity, because you hold on to old negative patterns! I help you see those patterns and release them. Then, using hypnosis I convert negative patterns into more positive habits—healing you for good.

65+ Positive 5 Star reviews on Yelp

Client's All Agree Hypnosis is Effective

Anna heals relationship pain
I no longer feels physical pain!
I passed my test and now I’m a doctor
I no longer eat chocolate.
My Pain is completely gone!
I recovered from postpartum

Rapid Medical Hypnosis Effectively Treats...


Panic attacks & social anxiety.


Eating, alcohol love & sex addictions.

Trauma Reversal

Past family life trauma, relationships & molestation.


Break-ups, divorce, separation, family coaching & dating with confidence.


Am I safe? Am I confident? Am I worthy & deserving ("you're not damged goods!")

Medical Issues

Using your mind to overcome your medical challenges.

OCD Behaviors

Stop your intrusive thoughts with Hypnotherapy.


What are you afraid of?

Pattern Busting Methods

Rochelle's pattern busting methods have been seen on Oprah Winfrey's OWN TV, Super Soul Sunday, Jonas Elrod's "In DeepShift" and @JaclynGlenn‘s, "A Skeptic's Guide to Wellness."

Ms. Cook's life-affirming book has been embraced by family relationship experts, Doctors & physiatrists — “The Soul's Coach—7 Paths to Healing Your Relationship.”  Also endorsed by Lisa Ling of CNN, Author, Susan Forward, PHD, and many others, including Dr's. Ron & Mary Hulnick, the founders of Spiritual Psychology.

Psychiatrists & Doctors Agree

Rochelle is worth  her weight in gold! A Powerful Beverly Hills Medical Hypnosis Expert & Author...

"Rochelle is very open with her own life experiences and this will help you identify your own personal traumas. Break the cycle! This is a MUST read book!"

~ Dr.  Shuff

"So often we feel "stuck" and "powerless" with the world that has been created around us. It's time to read this book and stand up and say that I CAN and WILL move forward because I have the power to make changes".

~ Dr. Fine

How Effective is Hypnotherapy?

* View the original research here...

Hypnotherapy is *93% Effective

93% effective after only 6 sessions: Most effective and the BEST VALUE!

Psychoanalysis (600 Sessions)

Psychoanalysis requires 600 session and is only 38% effective in comparison to Hypnotherapy. The most expensive!

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Requires 22 sessions

For Wolpian therapy, we can expect a recovery rate of 72% after an average of 22 sessions

Backed by Science


Watch Rochelle Explain & Demonstrate Hypnosis

Experience Deep Empathy & Kindness with Rochelle

Rochelle L. Cook MA. CHt.
Relationship Expert, Author, Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist

I'm here to help you overcome seemingly impossible challenges.

Do you want to start this journey?

Rochelle’s blend of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Spiritual and Positive Psychology will help you stop the pain and overcome your relationship isssues and obstacles, shed burdens, and help you find inner peace for good.

Getting your life back on track means you need to reprogram your mind by ejecting old tapes from the past.

At times we are faced with mountainous challenges that hinder our ability to move forward. These obstacles can be suffocating and seem impossible to overcome. We may not be able to change our condition in which we find ourselves, but we can make new and repair old negative stories about who we are. Then, and only then will we see change, the change we choose to become.

Credentials: Degrees, Diploma’s & Certifications

• M.A. Spiritual Psychology, University of Santa Monica
• Hypnotherapy Diploma HMI, Hypnosis Motivation Institute with Honors.
• Nationally Accredited College of Hypnotherapy, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
• National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc. Certified Hypnotherapist, 40279
• Certified Weight Loss
• Certified ADHD
• Certified and Licensed Hypno-Band (Lap Band Surgery Hypnosis)
• Certified Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
• Certified Handwriting Analyst
• Certified Past Life Regression
• Certified Hypnosis and Pain Management
• Certified  Rapid Induction
• Certified Inner Child Work
• Certified Hypnosis for Immune Disorders
• Certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
• Certified Hypno-Birthing

Professors & Psychiatrists Recommend Rochelle

Because She is the Best Medical Hypnotherapist!

~ Dr. Deborah Fein​

A psychiatrist in private practice and an Assistant Clinical Professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA., and a member of the American Psychiatric Association.

Rochelle Cook is a natural born healer!

In Rochelle's book, I learned of the many struggles that she faced on her way to becoming the person she is today. Rochelle was able to take those lessons and grow tremendously from them.

So often we feel "stuck" and "powerless" with the world that has been created around us. It's time we stand up and say that we CAN and WILL move forward because we DO have the power to make those changes.

This energy is harnessed within us. We may need some guidance along this journey, but our ability to make those changes is something that can be realized, albeit with a little guidance."

~ Dr. Fein

~ Dr. Michelle Shuff

A Board-Certified Psychiatrist. After completing her Doctor of Medicine degree at the University of California she obtained a Master’s degree in Public Health at the University of California at Berkeley.

I highly recommend Rochelle Cook!  

I am impressed with the rapport and trust that Rochelle develops with her clients. I see some of her clients and they all speak very highly of her and do improve their lives!  I highly encourage you to reach out to Rochelle!

Rochelle's book (The Soul's Coach: 7 Paths to Healing Your Relationship) is wonderful! Its an open and honest look at personal challenges that stem from childhood and how they continue to influence you in adulthood until they are dealt with appropriately. We are not necessarily taught how to deal with trauma and this explains why we might continue to make the same choices and feel trapped. Rochelle is very open with her own life experiences and this will help you identify your own personal traumas. Break the cycle! This is a MUST read book!

~ Dr. Shuff
Board-Certified Psychiatrist

"Rochelle just wanted to help me! She didn’t try to fool me, she just wanted to help me! It was really cool. Looking back, the one thing I am most likely to do again is GO SEE ROCHELLE!"

Jaclyn Glenn

"Rochelle is amazing! When I was going through a very tough time in my life she was the light. I was going through a bad break up and she helped me so much not only through hypnosis but by just speaking with her she gave me so much hope.
 The hypnosis is great, I truly feel like it helped me feel more secure with my relationship and myself and we are now back together and very very happy! Couldn't have done it without you" 

Lorena S.
Manhattan Beach, CA. USA

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"I had been looking for a therapist who was trained in hypnotherapy for months because I had read that traditional behavioral therapy combined with hypnotherapy was infinitely more effective in a shorter time frame."

Sign me up right!?

Although I live in NYC, and I had plenty of options, I hadn't quite felt instantly at ease with anyone... then COVID happened. And, being a person who has only ever done in-person therapy, I wasn't sure how I would do with virtual therapy because a therapist's office is, at it's very essence, a "safe space". I doubted whether if I was home in my regular space would I feel as "safe"?

Well I had nothing to worry about, I found Rochelle online looking for virtual hypnotherapists—from the first call she put me at ease. She gave me specific pointers and ideas to make our sessions feel like a separate environment from my regular work day at the same desk. The combination of our sessions and the follow up recordings (think of a guided meditation) have done more for me in a few weeks than the hundred other stress-management things I tried before.

She is a true healer and has a gift for helping heal past trauma in a completely non-judgmental, non-biased way & she will tell you amazing stories of her own while she does it. She has helped me in every aspect of my journey towards emotional healing and creating a happy and safe and secure life. Regardless of where you are geographically or in your own journey...

I guarantee your virtual therapy experience with Rochelle will be life changing. Give her a call and you will see for yourself!” 

A O.
From New York, NY

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